Quickly & Easily Write 1,000-Word Articles

Quickly & Easily Write 1,000-Word Articles

How many times have you heard someone say “I’m not a writer,” “I can’t write,” or “I just don’t have the gift of writing?”

I’ve heard this (almost) as often as I’ve heard what a good writer I am (yes, some actually believe this to be true).

For those of us who own and run content-based websites in regular need of said value, getting or creating the text seems to be one of the main focal points. So, what exactly do many people do to acquire their content? Obviously, big and already famous sites aren’t putting their CEOs to work until the wee hours of the morning just to put out some SEO articles in hopes of gaining more traffic. Alas, this is the life for the rest of us who are just trying to get our piece of the internet moon pie. No, this article is written with the layman in mind—the little guy entrepreneur.

So, the question remains: how can we quickly and easily write content of at least 1,000 words—or more—for our websites? Well, we will now break it down nice and gently for you.

First, what exactly do you want to say? What is your message to the world, your fellow Romans, countrymen, or local Pumpkin Spice Guild members? This is a simple matter and straight to the point. What do you want to say? Well, then: say it! Just remember that when you are trying to get a message across, you actually do need some good reasons why. It’s silly to just expect your desire for keyword-based traffic to come roaring in simply because you spent hours researching them with Longtail Pro. Furthermore, who says that you’ll even get the targeted traffic that you intended to receive to begin with? If you get lots of traffic from people who aren’t interested in your product or even what you have to say, that can be a bit of a bummer. You could try to find a way to harness that traffic but it’s most likely that they’ll not be directly interested and will go elsewhere. Remember to focus and stay on point!

Another point to remember is that you are not simply aiming to get 1,000 words—you are aiming to provide VALUABLE content to those Pumpkin Spice lovers. Ask yourself, with each article you set about to write, “what value am I providing with this article to my passionate, loveable, and loyal group?” Even if your group doesn’t quite exist yet, you must convince yourself that they do BEFORE you ever become successful. If you don’t treat your empty theater during training and building that you treat your crowd on Friday nights, then how can you expect them to ever spread the word and rave about you, come back for seconds or thirds, or even bother coming to see you in the first place? Just because you have a nice-looking door with big spotlights pointing at it doesn’t mean anyone will care or ever want to return. What are you actually giving them? It’s their time, you know? Remember that! Be different, yes, but more than that, offer something that’s above and beyond what others are giving. Over time, you’ll build a solid rock of trust that can make the roller-coaster business life one of fun, rather than fear and disappointment.

One of my first sites was a darn boring niche..well, at least I thought it was. The truth was that I wasn’t up to the challenge of making something interesting and successful out of something that seemed mundane and mediocre—at best. I wanted bling-bling, I wanted COOL (I would’ve settled for groovy or even hip), but in the end the lesson I learned is that I just needed to provide excellent and potent value in a different way. It didn’t mean that I would become good at it immediately but what it did mean is that I realized just how deeply “I can’t” thoughts go. Dig out that negativity and build something you believe in—never doubt it!

Weather in some areas can change as fast as night and day in The Blair Thumb (sorry, I just watched this parody last night and it just makes sense to me). Today’s techie world behaves just as erratically and can, quite literally, leave us lost as to where we or our websites are. Last year, I was hacked into several times—three on the same site. To make things even more challenging, I have been living and working on my business in China, which isn’t particularly the internet haven of the world. The combination of these issues caused a lot of grief for me but, to be honest, all grief comes from within—it is something that we, ourselves, create and bestow upon ourselves, all the while blaming some outside force for its existence. It is true that some bad dudes with un-groovy intentions laid down the smack on my joints (I don’t know what I just wrote), but at the end of the fray it’s I who takes the blame for me (I like the way this sounds).

The point I’m making here is that you should realize the outer doesn’t control the inner, no matter what the outer may be.

We and we alone, as individuals, are each responsible for how we feel, think, and react. If we choose to become upset and bothered about something then it is WE who have caused that and not the outer, perceived “problem.” These so-called problems are nothing more than challenges placed in our way so that we may overcome them and, guess what, if we don’t, then they will simply keep occurring, much like the Indian fake-watch or suit sellers in Hong Kong who eye me every time I stroll through the streets. They are not annoying—they are my challenge!

The last point I want to make is actually the main point, so please hear this.

Today is one of the last days of a holiday in China, where I still am currently. I’ve had so much food lately that I feel I may never eat again. Heck, even thinking about food makes me feel bigger. Anyway, I tried for quite some time to establish a connection to the internet so that I could do some more work on my websites but, as commonly happens, there was not any internets.

Instead, I got an idea for an article that I shouldn’t be an authority on and decided to write it. So, as my girlfriend sat beside me and enjoyed her french fries here at McDonald’s, I used my time to type this up for you, my precious, beloved, and awesome audience—whoever you are and wherever you may be.

The title is simple and true. Writing at least a 1,000-word article for your site is in all respects easy, unless you just had a horrific run-in with a tiger. If that’s the case, then you may not be reading this at all. So, how do you do this easily and quickly?

Easy: just sit down and write it. I just did.

Oh, wait a second…this is over 1,000 words. I guess I’m done.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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