An Ode to Adventure

An Ode to Adventure


by Brandon A. English









Drawn through the valley I was,
In the day,
Back when I as a youth
So often did play;

Tasted, did I, of the winds
And the seas,
And finally reposed with the earth
At my knees;

Awakened inside, yes,
Augmented yet burned,
Twas a newfound desire,
A craving I’d learned;

Lit up and kindled
So steadily within,
I became quite aware
I would feel this again;

Gone now’s the time,
Betwixt this one and that,
And lo, much, yes, has changed,
Akin to switching a hat;

Inner flames remain,
Still burning my soul,
For to live well and great,
Is forever my goal.


March 17th, 2017

Copyright Brandon A. English,

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